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Welcome to Dames and Dice where play games, roll dice, and help you find the best games for your collection and your gaming group. Our journey into this underbelly of gaming review started with the perilous phrase “what if we….” and took off from there to what you see now. Okay, there’s not much to see right now but we’ve got lots in process and tons more planned.

We’re going to take a look at games both new and old, table top and virtual. We’ll peek into the corners of the internet for games in development that look promising. The dames also plan on having fun, lots of fun, and hope you’ll join us for:

  • Reviews for board and tabletop RPG games. We might eventually branch out into anything that relies on dice rolls, but for now games with an RPG element take precedence. Sometimes one dame might write a review; sometimes all four of us might stick out two cents into the pot.
  • Previews of games in development.
  • Event talk
  • Spotlight interviews with the Dames
  • Campaign diaries

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Minds, Tumblr, and Instagram for all the latest updates on the Dames! We look forward to hearing your thoughts as we dive into the world of games reviews.