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We thought it was best that our readers get to know a little more about the Dames. The things we like, the things we dislike, and the kinds of things you can expect us to review. In the first of these dedicated Spotlights, we ask K a few questions.


What is the first tabletop RPG you played?

The Marvel TSR system. While I had played other roleplay games, I had never rolled them dice for one. I loved it, but I’m also a huge X-men fan. Later, I played Marvel online as well and used both created and series characters. Sabertooth killed my first character when the dice decided she needed to die.

What is your favorite genre?

Be it games, books, movies, comics, and more; horror will always be my first choice. From cowering on the couch while watching the Halloween movies as a kid to reading Barker by candle light, I’ve always adored horror in nearly all its forms. Lovecraft may be my favorite writer (followed closely by Barker) with Wes Craven reigning as king in my movie book.

A Recent game that you’ve played and adored?
Several, so I’ll break it down. Last Night on Earth wins the board game category. As mentioned, I love horror and zombie movies, and short stories have been a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time. Last Night on Earth not only picks up a lot of common elements of zombie movies but also manages to keep that same pressure on the players.

7th Sea tops the tabletop world by bringing the good fun of movies like the Princess Bride into narrative play. I have some gripes about the system (lookin’ at you sorcery), but it’s overall been fun and engaging.

Finally, I’ll mention my current favorite video game, Bioshock. I know, I know; it’s an old game, but the city of Rapture never gets tiresome. From the twisted residents and paternal Big Daddies to the claustrophobic and decayed grandeur of many of Rapture’s locations, Bioshock feeds both my horror junkie and FPS devotee.

Are there any games you dying to play?

Euphoria: Build a better Dystopia is first on my list. For one thing, the name snagged me immediately, and I’m interested to see how the concept translates into board game play. Oubliette looks like it should be right up my alley. I’ll leave it at those two for now since this list could get long