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The tales of heroism and valor against the undead hordes continues in the expansion, Last Night on Earth: Timber Peaks by Flying Frog Productions. Set in the mountainous down of Timber Peaks, the game comes with an entirely new customizable board, new survivors, a few old ones, and new game mechanics to make those last stands all the more epic. If you’ve played any of the other Last Night on Earth games, then Timber Peaks won’t be terribly different, but it will still be tons of fun.


If you read my review on the original game, you’ll get a basic idea of the overall game play. Today I’m going to talk about the unique features that Timber Peaks will bring to your dining room (or living room) table.

Upgrade and Experience system: For every wound zombies and heroes dole out on each other, they get an experience token. (Yes, the zombies get upgrades as well.) Heroes spend three tokens to get their first upgrade and then four for the second, five for the third, and so on. Each upgrade has two phases – one that is active immediately and a second that costs additional experience called a boost. The zombies spend three experience per upgrade, but many of theirs are one use only.

Fire: As if things weren’t bad enough with zombies shambling towards a character while they race to find items and complete objectives, fires can break out through the use of zombie cards or those fires set deliberately by the heroes. At the end of each zombie turn, the zombies roll to see if a fire goes out, stays the same, or spreads and they do this for every fire token on the board. Fires can destroy buildings and cause damage to heroes and zombies standing in the blaze.

The addition of upgrades and fire do make for a more dynamic experience, but for heroes, getting that initial upgrade can be difficult.


  • All new scenarios that are tons of fun.
  • New systems add interesting twists to game play.
  • High replay-ability.


  • Lucky card draws can put the heroes or zombies way ahead. In one game, I played the zombies and won in two rounds due to the Shamble cards and a couple of good dice rolls. In another, the heroes got the scenario items quickly and ended the game in five turns.
  • Like the original game, some of the cards and how they operate aren’t clear.
  • If you haven’t played any of the other Last Night on Earth games, it may take several playthroughs to get a handle on the rules.

Dame K’s suggestions:

  • Start with the suggested scenario “Learn to Survive” so that zombie players and hero players can familiarize themselves with the upgrade system.
  • Write down any determinations you make on unclear cards, so you have them at hand for future games.
  • Combine with other LNoE games for more adventure and hero options. (The rule book addresses some of the ways to combine the games.) For hard mode, let the zombie players use the zombie pool from other games as well.
  • Check out my suggestions for the original game here to see some other ideas to incorporate into Timber Peaks.
  • Create your own adventures!