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Nope, it’s not a game or a movie called Free RPG, but a bonafide day dedicated to spreading the joy that is rpgs for the low low price of nothing. Excited? You definitely should be.

Now celebrating its 11th year, Free RPG Day was a way to get games in the hands of potential gamers, with publishers allowing free versions of their games (often in easier to digest quick starters) to be distributed. Gaming stores that want to host events that day can distribute the games and jump start budding gaming love by running the games at their locations. Year after year, more retailers and more publishers join in, allowing this annual event to grow and expand and this year’s sponsorship list is nothing short of awe inspiring.

How do you get in on the fun? Head over to the retailer locator and double check which local store near you is hosting a Free RPG event! Also be sure to check the Facebook and the Twitter accounts for the most up to date information about games and locations. There’s a wide range of games to try out, so definitely give them all a look. I personally am hoping to squeeze in a game of Ulisses Spiele’s TORG Eternity or Paizo’s Starfinder. Got a favorite you’re looking forward to? Let us know!