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Dame K

Dame K hails from the land of fire and drought where the BBQ is as big and as fierce as the tumbleweeds. The oldest of the Dames, Dame K’s dump stat is dexterity. She has an uncanny ability to find every cord in a room by tripping over each of them. A lover of video games from the yore days of Atari, Dame K loves just about any game that offers an RPG element. Just ask her Skyrim saves that boast characters of every race. You can find Dame K most often on Minds at Dames and Dice.

Dame R

Meet Dame R, the resident pillar of salt and rage who spends a surprising amount of her time crying about friendship. The only thing bigger than her mouth is her heart—concerning when you realize that she decided somewhere along the line to forego armor. But, then again, you don’t need armor when you have 20 spell slots and all of them are Fireball. Equipped with three rings of Genre Savvy +5, she sees most plot twists coming from miles away and will not hesitate to skewer an author (or DM) who thinks that “clever plot twist” and “deus ex machina” are synonymous.

Dame S

Dame S was forged in a land of murderous wildlife where even the birds turn homicidal every spring so she’s already pretty used to life throwing random combat encounters her way and has a tendency to run much the same in her gaming life. If there’s an eldritch screaming nightmare from the dawn of time in the room, you can guarantee that Dame S’s character is the one poking it with something .02 seconds after it’s appeared. Life’s too short to worry about silly things like planning ahead.

Dame V

V is the only one of the Dames that hails from the west coast, and you can tell because she wears sandals or open toed heels everywhere. Strength is her dump stat (“Noodle arms,” she would say, while waving her weak arms in the air) and she’s weak to cake, cheese, cheesecake, and Korean fried chicken. She’s constantly on a hunt for new tabletop games to subject her poor players and the other dames to. She’s also is starting to develop a massive Kickstarter addiction, which is great for the world but so bad for her wallet.

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